Monday, March 03, 2003

Alright! I have found the real reason we are trying to wage war against a nation that couldn't possibly defend itself against us, and is also doing everything in it's power to unfuck itself out of this situation. It's not a war for oil, kids. It's a war for OPEC transaction currency standards. I know this sounds like the same thing, but it really isn't. If you are a greedy little capitalist, like me, then you see why this may be a little more important than simply kicking out Saddam because he is naughty. This may actually help our economy greatly, putting a little bang to the good ol' U.S.A. buck. Were you aware of this, because this article took me completely by surprise. I didn't pay attention to Social Studies in high school, so I didn't even know what OPEC stood for, much less what it's function was. I thought they were all just a bunch of guys in sheets who drove nice cars and lived in the desert. Now I know better. This war may be more important economically than we suspect. As much as I like to disagree with Bush's so-called "War on Terror", I think if I had known these facts from the start, I would have actively back the war against Iraq from Day One.
Don't get me wrong, I think Bush is completely insane and should be taken out of power before he gets us all killed, but this military action really is good for the economy. And if you are a patriotic American, then you are also a capitalist, and should support this war. Fucked up, huh?
Before the tirade of emails to the contrary, let me encourage you to shut the fuck up. Read the article all the way through and ask yourself, "What would I do if there was another major Depression?" Would you be willing to drive across the Midwest, picking apples to feed your kids? Would you stand in soup lines for hours a day? No, you wouldn't. Don't lie to yourself. We are a squishy, soft, and lazy society. We don't have the gumption of previous generations. We are Generation X, remember? We are all about raves, drugs, and easy money. We are NOT about standing in lines for food. Do you think that soup lines have a "three's a crowd" policy like Safeway or Grand Union(I don't really know if this is the case with Grand Union, but I'm trying to be bicoastal for my sister)?

Does this sound selfish? I bet it does. But think about this; when was the last time you sent 89 cents a day, that's the price of a cup of coffee, to help some starving child in Somalia? Yeah, I though so. Go back to your double cappucino. I don't even drink coffee.

See? I told you I was going to publish another political post! I just didn't think it would be so contrary to all the rest of them.


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