Monday, March 31, 2003

This weekend was pretty unremarkable. I helped Tom and Karen move into their new house(which is really nice), but other than that, I really did nothing.
Somehow, our troops managed to shoot up a truck carrying women and children, killing seven. This was most likely a decoy, as the Iraqis know that our troops are wound up after the suicide attacks this weekend. Of course, this is going to further fuel the fires of anti-Americanism throughout the world. This is unavoidable when you fight with an enemy who uses civilians as sheilds, as the Iraqis are. The world doesn't take this into account. They like to hate us way too much to be convinced that this war is neccessary. Well, I've got two words for them: Fuck you. You're not getting your way, and it makes you mad. I can understand that, we Americans are the same way when we don't get our way. That's why we have the largest army in the history of the world. Now, we can ALWAYS get our way! The bully factor worked well on the playground, and it translates well in the real world, too. I know this sounds unfair, but what is? The world is the way it is because that's the way things are. Fairness is a concept best left to board games. Justice is indeed blind. If your army was the biggest, you would be behaving in exactly the same manner. We Americans are drunk with power, but it's fun to be drunk. You could always move here and join the party, or stay at home and be mad that you aren't invited. I don't really care what the rest of you think. You are all small countries that could be annexed at any time by the devils in the U.S. Think about that when you start talking your shit about us. Once we have taken over Iraq, who knows who will be next to feel our wrath? Could be France, could be Germany, could be anywhere.

I know this post is very antagonistic, but I'm just sick and tired of hearing people talk shit about our country. If you don't like it, then leave. We should be focusing our energy on supporting our troops, who are dying in a strange land defending the American way. Which apparently includes taking over oil fields for fun and profit.

Friday, March 28, 2003

Let's talk about lighter things today. The war is taking it's toll on my head, what with all the civilian deaths supposedly at the hands of US troops(which is all bullshit, in my humble opinion). Let's talk about last night, which was the most fun I've had on a Thursday night since the first season of Survivor.
Billy called me to let me know that he had formed a Bad Brains cover band and was going to be playing at the Caravan last night. I was on the fence about whether I was going to go out, since it was a weeknight, and that is not the best time to go out if you have a job to report to the next morning. But as the evening progressed, I started to get bored. by the time my neighbor, Adrian, stopped by, I was ready to at least catch some of Billy's performance, and I went out with him, Stacey, and Miros. We sauntered on over to the Caravan, and I was surprised to see George, Ted, and Mo sitting at the bar. Ted lives in the city, and Mo never goes anywhere, so this was my first inclination that perhaps the night would be chock full of surprises. I was not wrong.
People began to flow in for the show. I could not believe that so many people were coming out on a Thursday night, but this was the first gig for Bill's band, and his other projects have all been successes. Plus, in San Jose, it's mostly being seen at a show that drives most of us to attend these shindigs, and I'm as much of a scene-whore as the next person. While I was talking to Ted and finding out that Mo has finally got a serious monkey off her back and thrown back in the zoo where it belongs(congrats, Mo! I wish everyone could make the same decision), Tuffy Clifton walks by. The Cliftons were supposed to be playing a show in Gilroy, so seeing their bassist walking around a bar in San Jo was a little strange. Turns out that the show they were supposed to play was not advertised, so nobody came. They told the club owner to fuck off(now, how punk is that?) and decided to catch Billy's show instead. After a couple of beers, they decided that, since they were going to play anyway, they should just go on after Billy's band. By the way, I'm sorry I don't remember the name of Billy's cover band. If you promise to get over it, so will I.
The Caravan was absolutley packed by the time the Bad Brains cover band came on. I fully expected Bill's band to be mostly raggae and not so much hardcore, knowing Billy's penchant for raggae, but I was wrong. Sure, they threw in a little Rock Steady in here and there, but they belted out the faster shit too. As predicted, they rocked. I have come to believe that musically Billy can do no wrong. He could form a band with deaf people and narcoleptic dogs doing polka tunes and it would be off the hook. Billy's first love is the music, and it shows in the way he grins ear to ear when he takes the stage. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and the audience was soon swaying to the beat. Their set ended almost too soon, but not without first knocking everyone's socks off. Too bad more bands get to have such a warm reception, and play so well, on their maiden voyage. There would definitely be more bands out there, and I would be fired because I wouldn't ever be able to get up early again. Because I'd be seeing shows. On weeknights. And not be productive the next day. Get it now?
After a short break, the Cliftons came on. I know I go on and on about these guys. It can be boring if you have never seen them live. I know that it seems that every time I write about them, I'm giving them the internet equivalent of a handjob. But there is a reason, boys and girls. These guys fucking ROCK! They always have their amps turned to 11. Even with no billing at all, they managed to keep an otherwise early crowd out late as hell, and drunk as hell too. I had to stand on my barstool to even see the band, and I immediately wanted to be closer. The Caravan is a small place, though, so there really were no bad seats, unless you were back next to the door. They played a full set, which means only about 35 minutes or so, but it felt much shorter. I felt sated, but could easily have taken more if there was more to give. Sadly, the Cliftons have a limited repetoire. They played absolutley every song they know in the alloted time.
I got to work this morning on time, but I was not happy about it. The moral of this story is: If you go out on a weeknight to see some good music, keep the Jack and Cokes to a minimum. I'd say after three, you're just looking for trouble.

Thursday, March 27, 2003

There are many ways to fight a war. You should be resolved to use whatever force is necessary to prevail and eventually emerge victorious. This could mean the use of biological weapons if things escalate to that level. Let's face it, war is Hell. But, there is one weapon that you must only use in the most extreme of situations. Friends, I'm talking about fasting and prayer. This insidious combination is a virtual one-two punch to those pesky Islamic heathens, bringing us to the end of this war as the clear winner. There is no God but Allah, huh? Let's see what Jehovah has to say about that. When I read stuff like this, I get the feeling that maybe our government is trying to fulfill the prophesies for the endtimes deliberately. Here I thought that this war was solely for oil and an end to the upsetting economic slump our country is going through. Now it seems that there are some dark religious undertones to this campaign. I feel cheated!

I'm sorry for the air of levity in regards to this important subject, but if I didn't laugh, I would cry. I hate crying, unless I'm watching "Magnolia", then it's okay.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

India and Pakistan have traded artillery fire in the perpetually disputed area of Kashmir today, and have also both test-fired missles capable of carrying nuclear weapons payloads. There are other areas that are going to flame up as the war with Iraq takes up all of America's attention. Most folks think that we are not the police of the world and it is arrogant of us to think that we are so powerful. But watch what is happening in the rest of the world. North Korea will undoubtedly use this time to rattle their sabers a little more, which will cause us more problems, and India has decided to use this time to stir up a little shit with Pakistan. This is a classic example of "when the cat is away, the mice come out to play". These countries would never pull this kind of shit if we weren't involved with another war. That's not American conceit, that's fact. A third World War is looming on the horizon, and we do not have the resources to even defend ourselves from attack at this point. Scared? You should be. This isn't a joke, and this isn't a video game. There is actual blood being spilled on the ground right now. What are we going to do about it? Is it too late to protest the war? Is it simply too late for anything but prayers? Am I being to nihilistic? Am I asking too many questions? Possibly, but we need to be ready for almost anything at this point. War is indeed Hell. Just because we are not in the armed forces, that doesn't mean that we won't be touched by it. I may be full of shit, and most likely I am, but I have been paying close attentionto world events since the start of Bush's presidency. I see a pattern of poor decisions that are most likely religious in nature. Remember that Bush is now a Christian, and I can't stand Christians. I guess we will all vote next time, won't we?

Today Is a Spare-The-Air Day in Baghdad. And the next day, and the next, and the next...

In what is called "the most televised war in history", we are bombarded with conflicting accounts of what exactly is going on over there. It seems that this information overload is affecting our troops as well. We have shot down the British, the Brits have blown up their own tanks, and errant missles are killing the same civilians we are trying to spare. We may be relying too much on our high-tech gadgets and too little on basic training. The fact that simple defensive measures, like burning oil-filled trenches around Baghdad, has thwarted our FLIR equipment is a telling sign that this is the case. They are also playing dirty pool with pretending to surrender in order to lead our troops inot artillery range and hiding inside civilian buildings like hospitals and schools. Nobody said that this was going to be a walk in the park. Wait a minute, Donald Rumsfeld did. Thanks, Donnie. Did you honestly think that Saddam was going to allow us to take his country like last time? He would undoubtedly tortue and kill andbody who would dare to oppose him and help the Allies. Torture and death are premiere motivating factors to one's actions. I would expect alot more of this unfair fighting until we get some referees out on the field. Another thing to think about: bombing civilian targets as well. This sounds horrible, but I bet that this will be a tactic we use before too long.

It seems as though at least one sighting of a UFO has been sucessfully solved. I know the explanation seems a little out there, but not even the elusive Men In Black could come up with a story like that out of whole cloth. The one really horrible thing about this article, other than the dead cat, is the thought of a little girl out there who has forever been scarred by this incident. "Mittens! NO!!"

Sunday, March 23, 2003

Weekend Wrap-Up

Well, this weekend has been pretty busy for the staff of Intellectual Excrement(which is only me, but I love using the word "staff" in regards to this blog); there were shows, parties, and the deflation and subsequent re-inflation of tires. Let's start with Friday.
I was sitting down with a beer when Jonny yelled through my window that The Feathers were playing a free show with Fancy Hair Dragon down at the Palm Circles. While we missed Fancy Hair Dragon, I'll have to assume it rocked. That's what they do. The Feathers came out and sounded great. They were a little more animated than last time, and ripped through their set list as the Circles grew darker and darker. I love free shows, and this one was unique in the fact that it was a good show to boot.
Later in the evening was a show at the new Blank Club with Bodies In The Basement. The first band was Killer's Kiss. This band was all a rock band should be. The lead singer definitely has spent some time singing in the mirror, because he had the facial contortions of a seasoned rocker. All the songs were really catchy as well. It was a shame no one saw this band, they really put out the effort to play a great show, but there were maybe ten people in the club when they took the stage. They keyboardist reminded me of the girl in "Amelie", so if you read this Charlie, you might want to catch them the next time they play. Next up was a band from Seattle that I can't remember the name of. Isn't that great? They rocked, and the bassist is from Zeke. That's all I know. Bodies In the Basement filled out the night, but I didn't get to watch them play because I was busy letting the air out of Miros' tire so she wouldn't drive home drunk. Of course, she didn't try to drive anyway, and I spent Saturday morning pumping her tire back up with a small bicycle pump while being heckled by the homeless patrons of the mission next door.
Later in the afternoon I went to Gabe's 5th birthday party. It was a kid party, so it wasn't rocking, but I gave him a great Mobile Suit Gundam robot that he dug, and that made me feel better. I also got a chance to hang out with Gabe's father for a little while, and it was nice to catch up with him. Talking with Rob brought up images of him riding around in circles on a bike, on a stage, with a turban on his head and throwing newspapers around. I know this sounds bizarre, yet I have videotape of exactly this scene. But I digress.
The real meat of the weekend came with a Cliftons/Texas Thieves show at Club 4. This show demonstrated the drawing power of this dynamic duo. First up was Invisible Enemies, whom Angel said sucked, but he worked with the guitarist. I don't agree, they were pretty good. Their songs weren't great, but they were good, and sometimes that's all you can ask for.The Texas Thieves tore it up. Fozzie was all over the place, keeping the crowd happy. Even though he was making alot of San Jose jokes, I guess I can ignore that if he continues to perform well. The Enimies had performed an Angry Samoans cover, which is more of a Texas Thieves thing, but the Thieves answered with one of their own. I was almost expecting every other band to follow suit, but it wasn't meant to be. I missed the third band, so I have nothing to say about them. Lastly, The Cliftons came on. These guys were seriously drunk by the time they went on, but it didn't stop them from rocking the house. Jonny pissed all over the bathroom in what I could only assume was a fugue state, and I was a little ticked off about that, but I instantly forgave him when they began to play. In the midst of a hail of hotdogs and beer, they threw themselves into their performance. Billy Bob marched around the pit with a megaphone, screaming the lyrics and providing an interactive slant to the show by allowing some of the audience to sing as well. This club was ill prepared for this kind of a draw, considering that most of the beer they had on tap was gone by the time The Cliftons came on. We resorted to throwing some pretty expensive suds on the band. I was throwing pints of Guiness, which is a sacrilege for the Irish, but sometimes you gotta bite the bullet and do things you normally wouldn't do. It was a Cliftons show, after all.
I was sad that Tom and Karen didn't come, although they said they would. You guys missed a great show. Ted missed it too, but I already told him about it, and I'm sure he is kicking himself for buying such a crappy car that it takes a service mechanic two weeks to fix it. I have one word for you, Ted:Toyota.

Well, that was my weekend in a nutshell. I'm sure you enjoyed the vicarious thrills within this post. At least, that's what I keep telling myself when I type this shit. Next week:more of the same.

First it was Freedom Fries and Freedom Toast, the next step would logically be to change the name of French's Mustard into Freedom's Mustard, but the company has assured us that this condiment is not at all related to the stinky, disgusting, surrendering French. While we watch our troops take a beating by the wily Iraqis and watch our country turn slowly into a new, more repressive regime, the good folks at Reckitt Benckiser PLC have decided that we should at least keep this clear. It's comforting to know that while the world hates us with a passion, we can continue to hate the French vehemently like always. The whole "if it weren't for us, you'd all be speaking German" argument has obviously fallen upon deaf ears. Remember when everybody said that after 9/11 the world had changed completely? Well, this is about as changed as it gets. I feel like we are living in some comic strip read by the gods. The fact that this is even newsworthy kills me.

Thursday, March 20, 2003

The war has started. We have already began our campaign against Saddam and we are going to kick his ass. But there is a problem much closer to home that needs to be addressed: Asshole protesters blocking traffic in San Francisco.
You bunch of conceited jerks. Just because you took the day off from work or, more likely, don't have a job to begin with, you think it is your right to keep others from going to work and earning money to feed their families? Do you really think that when everybody is stuck in the huge traffic clusterfucks you have created that they are imagining a world without war, or are they fantasizing about running you over? I know that for me, it would be the latter. If the California deficit weren't bad enough, you have decided to screw it up a little more by keeping people from getting to their jobs and helping out our local economy a little. Now it is the taxpayers that have to shell out the additional cash to pay for the cops that now have to work twelve-hour shifts in order to keep you stupid asses out of the street. Did you think this was a good idea? Did this work the last time we went to war? Think hard. Did George Bush I say, "I know we have Saddam on the run, but the stinky hippies have blocked traffic on Market Street in San Francisco, so we are going to pull out of this unjust war immediately. Just don't let them touch me. Have you smelled them? What on Earth is that? Patchouli? Is that some sort of drug?" No, he didn't. I know that this is a democracy, and everybody has a right to their beliefs. Here's mine: The next time one of you jumps in front of a car to stop the war, I think the driver should be allowed to mow you down. Did you think about the enviroment when you came up with this plan? There seemd to be alot of cars idling and shooting carbon monoxide into the atmosphere while you were playing grab-ass in the intersections. Did you think about the children? With the budget being so tight that teachers are being laid off, I would have thought that the remaining money in our budget should have been allocated to education, not to paying for all these additional cops shooing you onto the sidewalk.

I honestly believe that most of you think that you can effect change by disrupting the economy, and you may be right. But pick your tagets with a little more assiduity(look it up). If you wan to teach someone a lesson, go to FLorida. They are the ones who voted Bush into office, or are too stupid to vote correctly, in the first place. Texas would be another favorite for protests. I don't know one person who voted for Bush in this area, yet we have to deal with all the unemployed idealist assholes out there. As if Critical Mass weren't bad enough, now we have you. If you want to really help the opposition, jump off the Golden Gate like this guy.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Here is a great article about the new war. Read it and understand.

Lets get something clear right now. We are going to war. With that out of the way, let's look at some of the reasons that we are headed toward the murder of many innocents and the destruction of a very unlucky country. I'm sure you are aware of this, being a faithful reader of this insignificant little soapbox, but we are being lied to. In this case it is the so-called evidence of weapons of mass destruction that weapons inspectors found in the cozy hideaway of Iraq. Not suprisingly, the inspectors, who have recently been ordered out of this current target of America's wrath, have begun to complain about some contradictions in the official report and the real report. I have long been suspicious of the presentation that Colin Powell gave to the UN recently, and apparently so have the inspectors. This goes to show that being paranoid has it's advantages. I was right all along. Now I can die happy, and many Iraqi's can die for no reason.

Monday, March 17, 2003

How fucked is this? Paypal, which is in itself evil, has gone one more step into Luciferian practices with their decision to end their business realationship with, a site I encourage you to visit regularly. Alternate news media is under attack this day, my fellow patriots, and we will be blinded if we don't act. I thought that at least the Internet would give me some real news that was untainted by big business interest or false patriotism. Now the companies that rely on this medium are biting the hand that feeds them in order to toe their particular party line. I bought a shortwave radio just in case.

This leads us to a question that seems deceptively simple at first: What is patriotism? Can you answer this question? Can your boss answer this question? Does their answer satisfy you? If you work for Paypal, ask yourself these last two questions over and over again until the answer is "No!" I hate to employ the tactics of the "enemy", but there are certainly a lot of sheep out there, and I want my own flock. Paypal is the preferred money exchange service of the online porn industry. This would seem to include bestiality and child porn, social blights on our world that are supported, nay, even encouraged by these sorts of lamprey eel-like businesses. So fucking a horse or a six-year-old child is okay, but opposition to Geogre W. Bush's foreign policy is atrocious?

Paypal has had a long-standing boycott on their services from disgruntled Ebay users. I see no better time to rise up in solidarity with these people and put a stop to unfair business practices against those who dare to question our fearless leader, who is an admitted cokehead(reformed), than right now. Rise up! Rise up! Lazarus! Lazarus? Wakey-wakey! Hey, he didn't even flinch! He looks white, too. EEEEWWWWW! This guy is dead!
The preceding is only minutely funny to Christians, and not funny at all to all other persuasions. But I found it a laugh riot! LOL!

I'm sorry. Please excuse my outbursts, I am not at all well.

This girl has to be the Grand National Champion of hide-and-seek. She must really not want to be "it".

If there is a war in Iraq, will we see it? Apparently not, since the Pentagon has told independent journalists that if satellite uplinks are detected inside the city of Bhagdad, they would be fired upon, even if journalists are present and actively broadcasting at the time. This leaves me with a warm, fuzzy feeling deep down inside. You can listen to the whole story here. This is also from a BBC correspondent on Irish Radio, so it's got a little of that St. Pat's flava, too.

Censorship seems to be the soup du jour for the day, seeing as the Academy Awards ceremony has decided to blacklist celebrities that they think may turn their speeches into anti-war diatribes. I read these articles with an air of aloofness because they seem so surreal. I keep expecting Dubya to come on the television and declare that the swastika will be the new flag for his regime. I know that sounds stupid, but it's how I feel. If we look back in history, we can see the blueprints for a new fascist empire developing right in front of us. This is one of the reasons I try to steer away from these types of stories. They just depress me. The thing that really gets me is that Dubya's own father has criticized his actions. You know when George Bush I questions your actions, that you are headed directly to Hell, where there is a position waiting for you as the new Prince of Darkness. And still some people ask why I don't vote Republican.

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

The previous post has reached an all-time high of 7 on the Fucked-Upometer, meaning that we have crossed into another realm of ridiculous news reporting. Keep reaching for the stars.

I hate it when there are news articles that I can't decipher. Not poorly written artcles, which I usually ignore, oh no. I'm talking about stories that are so bizarre, so out-of-left-field, that it seriously makes my head hurt to try to make heads or tails of them. The lucky few of these involve celebrities. Kids, I have found one of these, and I'm am reaching for the Advil right now. Let's take a peek at the headline. "Don Johnson denies cash stash". Not the Don Johnson. Say it ain't so! Well, I can neither confirm nor deny this accusation, since every time I read it, I'm half convinced that I am really dreaming it. If you look at it, you'll know what I mean. This is even more weird than the "Tom Wopat Refuses To Fill Up In Manhattan" story I commented on a couple of weeks ago. What makes this even more unreal is the sense of irony that hits you in the head like a piano. Wouldn't this be the kind of crime that Johnson, as Sonny Crocket, would have investigated on Miami Vice?
Now, close your eyes (no peeking!), slap yourself hard across the face, and open your eyes again. Are you still reading this blog? See what I mean? We're not sleeping! This is no dream, this is the horribly whacked-out world we have created. There are layers of strangeness interwoven into the fabric or our reality that are simply too "out there" for most of us to comprehend. I get alot of shit for believing in UFO's, but with this sort of thing going on, and not getting front page treatment, how could you ridicule me?

The sure sign of a good police investigative unit is their thoroughness when tracking down clues. A well trained police officer will use all information and tactics available to him in order to successfully close a case. These officers have even sometimes gone to the "fringe" of science to help their cases. This would include the utilization of psychics and, more rarely, the removal of underwear.
If you dig into this article, true gems await. Try to wrap your melon around this: "...police said that, apart from the lack of underpants and their urination on traditional herbs found at Kalumba's hideaway, it was a conventional operation." Well, as long as they didn't go too far. My guess is that these sorts of investigative measures are okay in the Zambian justice system. Don't get pulled over in this country, readers. That's sage advice.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

It's nice to know that there are still some enterprising individuals out there. It sometimes seems that the "go get 'em" attitude of the previous generations is lost on our kind. If you want to make some money, then make it! Don't let doubt, fear or law interfere with your goals of wealth!
This is one of the reasons that while I love New York City with all of my heart, I also fear it like I feared the dark up until a couple of months ago. There are things out there, you see. I hear them stratching at my window late at night. Anyway, the last thing I want to think about when I am ready to fall asleep is that my landlord wants to kill me in order to rent out my apartment for more money. This is not the kind of landlord to call when there is a plumbing problem, for instance. When he shows up at your door with a plumber's wrench, you don't know if he is going to use it on the pipes or your head. The only thing that this article doesn't cover is what the rent was, and if the victims stayed in the building. I mean, if it was really low, would you honestly leave a $1100/month apartment over something like this? Not in New York, you wouldn't. And maybe the new landlord will be nicer. That would make it a more pleasant place to live.
Also, a suggestion to the victims; change your locks. I would if I were you, but I'm a little paranoid. I guess you are now, as well.
Here is my favorite excerpt from this article: "The attackers were arrested on attempted murder charges and told police that Basagoitia promised them $2,500 to kill the brothers, said Patrick Clark, a spokesman for prosecutors.
Basagoitia told authorities he only wanted the men to be injured."
This guy is all heart. God bless you, slumlords of Queens, wherever you are!

Monday, March 10, 2003

The countdown is on! Our fearless leader, Dubya, has decided that St. Pat's Day is as good a date as any to go to war. Thanks for ruining the only Irish holiday recognized by this country. I am all gung-ho for the war, as you may well know, but at least try to pick another day! C'mon, man, it's St. Pat's Day! Folks are going to want to get drunk, not worry about the end of the world. Although I suppose that Armageddon is as good a reason to get sloppy as any, it just puts a damper on what's supposed to be a festive time. At least make it Easter or something. Everybody will be at church anyway, so you could slip in a prayer for peace and profitability as well as all the other things you pray for while in church. Me, I didn't really pray when I went to Mass, I just kept my head down until everyone else looked up. I had no idea how to pray, and I had a feeling it wasn't going to do any good anyway. I know that seems a little nihilistic for a kid, but you probably don't get how unbelievably deep I was even then. I was my own personal Jesus, just like the song, so you might understand the lack of faith.

And I know this isn't very PC, but could we please nuke the shit out of North Korea and get it over with? They have threatened us so many times that it feels like the U.S. is emasculated. It's like if America was sitting in the lunch room, eating our meal, then N. Korea would come up and take our milk. They would chug half of it, spit a hawker in the rest, and pour the unholy concoction all over the rest of our peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Then they would swipe our Fritos and laugh as we cried and ran out of the cafeteria. Like that visual? It just came to me in a rush. It's not like it ever happened to me in real life. If that had happened, I would have totally kicked North Korea's ass right there and would have been sent to Principal Henderson's office. No, really.

France is trying their froggy best to get other countries to not agree with the UN resolution for war. Why? Because they bank on the Euro. Filthy, greedy, stinky French. I say, when we are done with Iraq and North Korea, you're next! I would just love to see the Eiffel Tower have it's name changed to the PG&E Tower. I like the ring of that.

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Why do I read independent media? Because mainstream media is full of crap. If you read the linked stories on this site, then you will notice a trend toward the "little" guys in the news press. I don't like being lied to, and there seems to be a definite trend toward that for the big guys when covering political things. I would like to think that we would like our coffee without the cream, as it were. But this does not seem to be the case. We ingest whatever comes down the line from MSNBC, CNN, Fox News and the rest without question. It would be different if there was some sort of impariality in regards to political party lines when broadcasting these stories, or if we recognized the fact that alot of these news groups were controlled by special interests and boycotted them for giving us skewed reports. Guess what? We all know this, but do nothing.

We have become an apathetic society who has decided that we cannot affect any meaningful change in the world. We all realize that we aren't getting the whole story, but are resigned to the fact. We have comto the point that we as individuals cannot affect change in our society. We don't have any faith in the "one voice can make a difference" frame of mind. We, as Generation X, were raised after the true patriots were killed off. We didn't get to watch the John F. Kennedy's and the Rev. Martin Luther King's of the world affect positive change in the world. We were brought up with the Ronald Reagan's and Al Sharpton's. In other words, we got the coal, not the diamonds. We grew up knowing that the system could screw you over, but believed that we couldn't do anything about it. Everything else that is trivial became very important in our lives: school, work, relationship, the war on drugs. We were led to believe that these things mattered, and politics were best left to the politicians. Think I'm wrong? Ask a group of your friends what they think about the state of the world and see what they say. They only regurgitate what they saw 20/20 or the McNeil/Lehrer Report. They don't really have thoughts of their own, just party lines that they toe up to. I know this is not the case with everybody, but I'm going somewhere with this(or maybe not), so bear with me.

Dig this, as much as my peers like to talk smack about the hippies, at least they tried. They may be dirty and have long hair, but they attempted to change society by protesting and setting an example of what they considered a utopian society. Kids now simply sneer and buy stickers at Hot Topic. Do you think that Live Aid changed the establishment's mind on anything? No. We almost pride ourselves on being languid to everything that society throws at us.
I would almost rather go back to living with hippies all the time because at least they cared enough to try and affect change. They are active in local politics. They form grassroots movements to get their agendas on local ballots, and they vote actively. Most punks I know don't even vote. Hippies also have pressed foward alot of ideals that punks now embrace like veganism and recycling. Punks did not come up with these things, dirty hippies did. That's why longhairs work in most health food stores. Don't think that being vegetarian is punk rock exclusively, it isn't. You know who you are, Ted!
If fact, much of the rebellion that we enjoy as punks got it's blueprints from the hippie movement. I don't want you to think that this rant got it's basis from me being a hippie long ago, it is simply the truth. Some of the "gutter punks" that I hung out with in Berkeley were born on communes. Chicken George, Raz and Torch are just a few that were brought up on the same hippie commune in Oregon.
Their parents taught them how to express yourself in a unique way, and what it was like to be antiestablishment and what it was like to be proud of being different. Are you getting the picture now? However much shit you might talk about the hippies, realize this: they did more than we will ever do as a movement. All we have influenced was fashion and music. Big fucking whoop. We got overshadowed by glam-metal and grunge. Hippie rock is still being played on 30% of the radio stations in the San Francisco Bay Area (God bless it). How many mainstram stations are playing punk? Two? Maybe that's being too generous. Depending on how elitist you are, it could be as little as none. Music isn't the only thing, guys, there is a world out there. Rise up! Do something with the potential power you, as a group, have. We could cause a movement that could really be of benefit to the rest of humanity. Actively protesting works wonders, I have witnessed this myself.
To all the anarchists out there, please don't front the "I'm against everything!" vibe. It just makes us all look stupid. You can't really be anti-everything without being pro-something. With any drive, you could potentially change the world. with this knowledge comes great power. Use it wisely, young Jedi.

We, as a young society(some of us maybe not so young), have lost our faith and enthusiasm for the democratic process. The reason dried-up racists like Strom Thurmond refuse to give up their postions in Congress is because they don't trust the current generation to make wise choices in seats of power. We have not given them any evidence to the contrary. Let's change that. We can't simply write off this generation and let our children take the reigns. This isn't a game of Hot Potato. We need to show our children that we can stand up for our ideas. Like it or lump it, we are the architects of our oun future. What we do in the next twenty years will be the basis that our whole civilisation evolves. Deep? Yes. Full of shit? Well...most likely.
The moral: Get off your ass and do something.

Monday, March 03, 2003

Alright! I have found the real reason we are trying to wage war against a nation that couldn't possibly defend itself against us, and is also doing everything in it's power to unfuck itself out of this situation. It's not a war for oil, kids. It's a war for OPEC transaction currency standards. I know this sounds like the same thing, but it really isn't. If you are a greedy little capitalist, like me, then you see why this may be a little more important than simply kicking out Saddam because he is naughty. This may actually help our economy greatly, putting a little bang to the good ol' U.S.A. buck. Were you aware of this, because this article took me completely by surprise. I didn't pay attention to Social Studies in high school, so I didn't even know what OPEC stood for, much less what it's function was. I thought they were all just a bunch of guys in sheets who drove nice cars and lived in the desert. Now I know better. This war may be more important economically than we suspect. As much as I like to disagree with Bush's so-called "War on Terror", I think if I had known these facts from the start, I would have actively back the war against Iraq from Day One.
Don't get me wrong, I think Bush is completely insane and should be taken out of power before he gets us all killed, but this military action really is good for the economy. And if you are a patriotic American, then you are also a capitalist, and should support this war. Fucked up, huh?
Before the tirade of emails to the contrary, let me encourage you to shut the fuck up. Read the article all the way through and ask yourself, "What would I do if there was another major Depression?" Would you be willing to drive across the Midwest, picking apples to feed your kids? Would you stand in soup lines for hours a day? No, you wouldn't. Don't lie to yourself. We are a squishy, soft, and lazy society. We don't have the gumption of previous generations. We are Generation X, remember? We are all about raves, drugs, and easy money. We are NOT about standing in lines for food. Do you think that soup lines have a "three's a crowd" policy like Safeway or Grand Union(I don't really know if this is the case with Grand Union, but I'm trying to be bicoastal for my sister)?

Does this sound selfish? I bet it does. But think about this; when was the last time you sent 89 cents a day, that's the price of a cup of coffee, to help some starving child in Somalia? Yeah, I though so. Go back to your double cappucino. I don't even drink coffee.

See? I told you I was going to publish another political post! I just didn't think it would be so contrary to all the rest of them.

Sunday, March 02, 2003

I ama sucker. I have committed the mortal sin of buying something at CompUSA purely as an impulse. I have screwed myself on this enough times to know better, but there you go. Don't do as I do, don't buy Neocron, it sucks. Not only do they not give you enough by the way of instructions, but it is tedious as well. I was going to say more about it, but it doesn't deserve that many words.

In other news, there is a friend of mine that has been causing me much grief this weekend. Shit, they have been causing me grief for a couple of years now. I have watched one of my very best friends self-destruct a couple of years ago, and in the end there was only death and remorse. Now it seems like I am watching it all over again. My heart aches when I think of the friendship that is falling apart before my eyes. This particular person has begun to come unglued, and everybody has noticed. Now, I'm not on any moral high ground myself. I have done many things that I am not proud of. But just call me Dr. Taco, because I'm one hell of a hypocrite. This person was one of my closest friends, now I don't want to be around them. I have talked to them, and I have worried away the nights thinking about what they are doing to both themselves and their loved ones. I am about at the end of my rope now. I don't know what to do to help, and I feel like I did when Scott went down that slippery slide into a bottle of oblivion. Everybody has a different take on this situation, and I want to hear yours. What should I do? Here are the particulars:

1. This person is addicted to a very bad thing. Something that is ingested to bring on a high at first, later simply taken to function normally.

2. This person has someone who counts on them for nearly everything. This distresses me the most, because soon they will not receive that support. Ambiguous, aren't I?

3. This person doen not seem to realize or even care about the danger they are putting themselves in.

I'm actually crying right now thinking about this situation. Like I said, this has been bothering me alot recently. Nobody likes to lose friends, but it seems like a running theme in my life. So I need your help. Any thoughts or stories would be greatly appreciated, as I am at a loss.

The next post will not be nearly as somber. I swear.