Wednesday, February 12, 2003

You know you have been out of work for too long when you notice the annoying habits of daytime television. Specifically, the propensity for young women who "dress too sexy" on Jenny Jones to repeat the phrase "Whatever!" ad infinitum. Let me show you an example:

Jenny - "Our next guest, Daisy, says her 5 year-old daughter, Katrina, dresses too sexy for kindergarten. Is that correct, Daisy?"

Daisy - "Yes, Jenny. I'm an exotic dancer, and when I leave the house, I dress provacatively. But that is just for work! I have told Katrina repeatedly that she should look at the leather bikinis and thigh-high boots as more of a sort of 'uniform' Mommy has to wear for her work. Now, she wants to wear these exact same things to school, and I won't have it?"

Jenny - "Don't you think that it doesn't matter to her that you say about your clothes? That she sees the attention you get, and wants that same attention?"

Daisy - "But, Jenny, I explained to her that it was wrong."

Jenny - "Ummm, okay, let's just get the kid out here and get this over with. Come on out, Katrina."

[audience 'boohs' as Katrina struts out in a leather Cat Woman costume]

Katrina (waving her right hand at the audience dismissively)- "Whatever! Whatever! Whatever! Whatever! Whatever! Whatever!"

See what I'm talking about? Not only does Jenny Jones rely almost entirely on this same subject, but when the accused comes strutting out screaming "Whatever!" over and over, I feel like putting a gun to my head. Or hers. I have learned a couple of things from watching daytime TV. I don't think I want kids anymore, because invariably they become pre-teen punks who steal money and dress like prostitutes. Also, that having something to do with your days is therapeutic. I am nearly salivating with the desire to get a new job. You want to know what the high point of my day is? This. Ranting and raving to you. That is sad. I know people who are in lamer circumstances than mine, but I think that speaks more about the people I keep company with than the current state of society in general. In other words, just because you see folks below you, that doesn't mean you're at the middle. Let this be a lesson to you.
And stop saying "Whatever!" over and over again! It's bugging the shit out of me!

I was going to simply leave this post at the sentence above, but felt I needed to remark on something. Recently, this blog has been steeped in political ramblings. I somehow got into the habit of posting about every ridiculous thing that the Bush administration did. I have now realized that this is not a good way to run a blog. I know it keeps me rich with potential content, but it is very taxing. I then begin to feel that my only job here is to keep my readers up to date on all of the latest crap going on in the world. There are very few posts I have noticed in the past that are like the one above. You know, just stupid shit. I sort of like the stupid shit, but inspiration sometimes eludes me. I need to be able to pull that inspiration out at the drop of a hat if I am going to really write, and I feel like simple comments, while being great for sharpening my skill on the whetstone of experience, don't give me the potential blank canvas I need to stare at for inspiration. Not even I know what that is supposed to mean. See? I guess what I'm saying here is that I am going to try to lean away from the social commentary on current events as exclusive content. In short, more stupid stories. I don't want to lead you all to believe that I won't post until I have something meaningful to say, I don't think I'm capable of that sort of restraint now, but I won't be 'Johnny On The Spot' with the info as much, either. Unless, it's really juicy, or I haven't posted four hundred times already.


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