Sunday, February 02, 2003

"Who are the readers in your neighborhood?"

This has been an exhausting day at the ol' intellectualo excremento...or whatever. I have been bitched at by Laci Peterson's friend, and commented about the Columbia thingie. Is this going to increase my readership? If i gain just one more regular reader, that will give me a 50% greater fan base. No, really. I could give a shouts-out to all the confirmed readers, and I would still be screwed for material. But I'm desperate for readers.

Who do I see in my magic mirror?

Ted, of course. The rest of you could take some lessons on how to be a friend from this guy. Not only does he tune in, but he gives positive feedback.

Karen. She keeps me honest. Probaby because she's preggie, and doesn't have time for my shit.

Amy. She says she reads, and I guess I believe her. I guess.

Lo. Even if she does not read, she's still my favorite person.

Margo. My sister, and coolest person on Earth. Except for that whole Alex Van Halen thing. Seriously, the guy looks like a Neanderthal.

Everyone else. I would be seriously be grasping at straws if I went past that.
I may be wrong, but I have a counter, kids. I have a pretty good idea of who comes here and who just say they come here. Case in point: My other site has only 30k hits, and it's been up since 1998. That was last century, children. Again, Ted was the only one who noticed that I had not updated in a while. What do I pull from this?
Two things:
1. Ted's boss needs to manage Ted's time better.
2. I could die a fiery death, and only you guys would know.
I'm wondering who got the whole magic mirror joke. Probably no one. I guess it's a waste of time to mention the Chuckle Patch. I am really too old to be engaged in this sort of social interaction.


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