Wednesday, February 05, 2003

This story, quoting former South African president Nelson Mandela, mysteriously didn't show up on the evening news out here at all. In fact, the only opposition to Colin Powell's "smoking gun" evidence allowed on the broadcast was Iraq itself. I pulled this story from, which is a great place to keep up to date on the continuing crisis we now find ourselves in. It is also a great place to read the stories that the mainstream media has decided not to cover, for whatever reason.

I didn't want to use this entry to criticize US foreign policy, but my brother sent me a link to the first story covering Colin Powell's statements to the UN. In it, he said, " ...but the anti-war crowd is impervious to logic, so it doesn't make any difference." My question has always been, why is the rest of the world against this war if it is so logical? We don't live on Planet Hookah, so it's obviously not just the anti-war liberals out there. It's everybody else in the whole world, except the UK and the US.

Where is the logic in this? And what the hell happened to trying to find Osama? Wasn't that what this all started from?

I hate to sound like a tinfoil-hat wearing conspiracy theorist, but come on! The US tells the UN that we will wait until the weapons inspectors report in, and we'll go from there. They tell us that they haven't found anything except a couple of empty missles, rusty from lack of use. The US jumps up and says, "They're wrong! It's gottta be there!" They join a photoshop contest, and suddenly they have proof. Bullshit. I have never trusted that beady-eyed bastard(Dubya), he's the absolute worst president we have ever had.

So there.


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