Monday, February 24, 2003

Sorry, guys. Slacked a little on the posting. Don't let me get away with this! Call me an asshole! Get mad! Send me money!

Let's start with Saturday. After working at the Sun jobsite with Tom Auby, I went over to his and Karen's house to hang out for his birthday. This fact(the birthday, not the hanging out) was reiterated throughout the day by Tom. Everybody at work was continuously reminded of the special occasion, and Tom's ire at having to work. I, having worked the last 7 birthdays, was of little consolation. We ended up eating at Outback Steakhouse, and Tom talked me into stealing cutlery from this establishment. This enchanting evening closed at Tom's house, where I was enticed by the chance of an evening filled with psilocybin and playstation 2 with Jared and the gang. How I crossed this treacherous conundrum without harm I'll never know. An evening of possible shreiking and hallucinations, or taking magic mushrooms instead. The possibilities seemed endless. I chose to call it a night. Somehow, I made it alive, well, and soberish at home. My neighbor Anna and her new girlfriend invited me to go out and drink, and I accepted. We ended up going to Katie Bloom's, which is about as exciting as applying foot powder, but we got a chance to hang out, and we closed down the bar. It was okay.

Sunday, Jonny Nauseous talks me into a playing softball game with some of the people who hang out downtown. Guess what? I'm no good at athletic stuff. I at least played, but I wasn't making any friends with my team as I continuously missed line-drives to my area, and struck myself out once. I even fucked up a run for my team that would've won the game for us. In short, I'm a loser. But the brighter side is this: I really had alot of fun playing. I might suck, but this will not stop me from at least playing another couple of games this season. Maybe I'll get better, who knows? But I'll probably have to start my own team, as I will no longer be picked on any other team as long as I live.

After that we went to Telaque Paque in Willow Glen. I have never been to this place before, and am therefore confused by the sheer size of the waiting room for tables. You could easily put a couple of tables in this room, yet it is simply a herding area for waiting patrons. I thought this was floor space unwisely used. Did this detract from the dining experience? Not really.
The food was great; my chorizo was spicy, but not too spicy. The service was a very slow, but the meal was worth the wait. They also served some weird beer with lemon and salt, but I can't remember the name of it. They were tasty, but salty. They seriously salt the rim of the margarita glass before they pour this beer, and then dollop on the lemon juice. Super sour beer sucks the big ol' hairy root, but it was still tasty, to a point.

This next note is to my content people. You know who you are. Keep it coming. Just because it isn't in the very next post, that doesn't mean that it won't be in a future post, or influence a future post. I love it! It's nice to know that there are people out there that not only read, but want to add to the overall quality of the site. Send me enough stuff, and I might even give you access to posting here as well. That would be kinda cool! A blog for everybody! A festivus for the rest of us! Let me know, kids. I'm easy!


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