Thursday, February 20, 2003

Somebody please shoot me.
I have just realized that I have officially become a 'valley kook'. I gave the prospect of leaving the Valley Of Silicon some serious thought a month or so ago, and had come to the conclusion that I would miss San Jose too much. What the fuck is that all about? I once hung a banner from the windows of the apartment I lived in while residing in Capitola that declared "Go Home, Vallley Kooks!" Now I am one of the scorned.
For those of you who do not reside in the San Francisco bay area, San Jose is like the L.A. of the region. Universally despised, few admit they live in this area while in mixed company. But there is a gleaming white underbelly to this seedy armpit of the bay: San Jose Pride. Yes, there is a growing group of folks who have embraced the Valley as they would an abandoned mutt. They feed the scene with good music, good people, and a completely out of place sense of optimism. As the rest of the world points a finger at San Jo and accuses the vicinity of all the financial woes our nation now faces, these guys are building a fervent following of young idealists who may just turn our bland, vanilla city into a rocky-road, doublenut-chocolate chip sundae of hipness.
Will it happen? Well, if you lived here, you would know already.

See you at the Earache My Eye in April...


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