Friday, February 14, 2003

So, "Survivor" premiered last night. Let's all let out a collective, "Yawn". Ooohh! Let's split up the sexes and prove to everyone what we already know; men can't work together unless there is a paycheck for everyone involved. Of course the women were going to win immunity! The guys had been figuring out how to screw each other over since the beginning of the game. The only thing that seems interesting is when the ladies are all going to turn against the deaf girl. I'm glad she's there to show that the handicapped can participate, too, but as catty as these women seem? She's a goner. And then nobody is going to root for them because they showed their true colors. Shallow chicks suck. So, she can't get involved in nighttime conversation without their help. Is it too much to look her in the face when talking to her? She certainly busted ass when she was in the camp and during the immunity challenge, but she has something to prove, doesn't she? And that jackass Ryan, what's up with him? He obviously has never watched the show before, or he wouldn't have pulled the 'dick' card on the first episode. It's truly painful to watch the so-called "sausage party" going on over there.


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