Saturday, February 01, 2003

Hey! I got hate mail! Here's to my crappy attitude!

"to whom it may concern:
I am a friend of Laci Peterson and check the guestbook
daily for a few minutes. I have noticed that you have
written a few times (I think it's "you"- I got this
email address from the site with your comments- human
excrememt? whatever).
You may not realize it, care, or know that it's
insensitive to write some of the things you have. IE:
when can I get my reward...? etc.
Laci's friends and family read the guestbook for
comfort and those kinds of things just aren't
neccessary. I know that an open guestbook like that is
just asking for people to write whatever the hell they
want- there have been plenty of bizarre and
thoughtless messages-, but get a grip, think about the
effect it has on her family and stop. There is no need
to be a jerk.
Thank you
My response is, of course, not to make light of the Laci Peterson case. I firmly believe that this case deserves the attention of the denizens of Northern California. Psychic impressions have already named those involved. I had a dream that mirrors this "info". At least her husband is keeping this info hot in the media. Considering that he is guilty, this doesn't make much sense. Maybe he thinks he can hide in broad daylight. But I know, and so does this other crackpot psychic. So watch out!

But, let us all pray that Laci peterson is safe and sound somewhere. I would like nothing better than her safe return to her home and family. Indeed, there have been people who were held for years and returned to their loved ones. If the kidnappers are out there reading this blog(which I very much doubt, since my friends don't even read it), this woman needs medical attention. If you haven't noticed, she is just about due to have a baby. So just let her go.

There, I said my peace. Knock it off with the e-mails already!


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