Sunday, February 16, 2003

Best. Show. Ever.
I walked out of the Cliftons show yesterday with this phrase ringing through my head. Who cares if Molotov's doesn't have a caberet license? They still put on a great show. I came in expecting alot, and the bands did not let me down.
First up were The Lincolns, and they didn't skimp on the punk. Although they played a short set, they ladled in the hardcore and got the crowd jumping. It was at this point where I almost got my ass kicked by some drunk redheaded girl. Like I said, this show was punk.
After that was the Texas Thieves, and they delivered. They pumped through their set list with gusto, and kept the party going. Fozzie mixed it up with the crowd, bellowing his lyrics and generally entertaining the kids. Thank you, Fozzie. This guy is one of the reasons I still go to punk rock shows. He has an energy that easily transmits itself to the audience, and he can actually sing. With a winning combination like that, how can you go wrong?
Next up, The Cliftons. What can I say about this band that I haven't said before? They took the stage like the Nazis took France. It was a beautiful thing to behold. Jonny was on fire! He played like I have rarely seen him, full of energy and jocularity(look it up). His solos were played to perfection, and he really seemed to be enjoying himself onstage. This may be because he just started a new job last week, but who knows? I was thunderstruck by how tight they sounded, nowhere near the mess they made at the Icon a couple of weeks ago. Plus, the venue was tiny, giving the audience a chance to get up close and personal with the band. They were loud and proud. Tuffy was the most animated I've ever seen since his addition to the band. He put a new spin on the label "bass player", turning it from a geeky role to something to be proud of. Wil, Jim and Alby shined onstage, providing the perfect balance of "fuck you" with competent playing that is truly rare for this band. I know they pride themselves as being one of the worst bands ever, but they only let themselves down on this night, because they tore it up. It's bands like this that make me happy to be in this scene.
After that were The Idiots. They rocked. They rolled. They raised the roof. Word. Although they had some pretty big shoes to fill, they did so nicely. My throat was sore from screaming at this show, but it was a good sore.

Seriously, if you weren't there, I feel bad for you. Not only was it a good show, but it was a good time. I want this date emblazoned on my tombstone as one of the greatest days ever in my otherwise pitiful existence. Now that's sad.

In other news, Ted found my tape recorder and returned it to me. Apparently, the Insolence show, was so-so. Half of the tape is me and Holly talking about astrology. Good times? I think not. If you listen to the tape, you will hear me stumbling headfirst through a conversation I had no business being in, and arguing a point I wasn't sure I believed. Sorry, Holly. I don't know why you are always the target of my inebriation. Must be luck.


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