Friday, December 20, 2002

The rains have begun anew. It was nice enough, for long enough today, for me to almost get my shopping completed. Unfortunately, they say that the weather won't get better for at least the next four days, and maybe longer. I have the funny feeling that some people are going to get screwed out of their Christmas gifts. Oy, Vey! Better luck next Kwanza, suckers! To everyone else, I really tried! The weather played against me! I'm so sorry, God, I just feel horrible!

I went out and bought myself a police scanner today(Merry Christmas to me!!!) because I believe that the government is tracking my alien implant in order to audit me next year. Don't laugh, the same thing happened to this guy I heard being interviewed on some AM radio show last night. No, really!! Plus, he was a Christian, and you know they can't lie! Anyway, it's pretty cool, but it satisfied a temporary curiosity way too quickly.
I have found myself feeling empty after this purchase.
Am I not but the sum of my possessions?
Am I just an obedient consumer/disciple to the corporate machine/God?
Have I drank too much beer?

You be the judge...

The weirdest thing is I have had dreams where I have seen this particular scanner. I shit you not. In my dreams!
Now, how stupid is that.


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