Monday, December 09, 2002

"The Death Of Bigfoot" my ass.

Just because some old dead guy's family claims that he was the one who faked the Bluff Creek tracks that started the "Bigfoot" craze, that doesn't mean that he is the creator of Bigfoot. It started as a Native American legend. Unless this guy has some previous influence on ancient Native American legends(like, he went back in time) then he didn't start the whole Bigfoot myth. I'm not saying that I believe that Bigfoot exists, I don't, but to be this dismissive about a popular topic, just because it's "wacky", is a great disservice to fringe science. Let the people find out for themselves, ask some questions, research the subject. I have had the great misfortune to read several news stories about this guy's family's claims. Even UPI has treated it like a simple joke story. They regurgitate the same story, which has no independently verifiable facts, and treat it like the final answer to the Bigfoot mystery. That is just like the hardcore believers taking only the evidence that proves their point, and ignoring the rest. I would have expected more from UPI or AP. This is more the kind of journalism you would get from the Weekly World News.

Don't let this be some sort of clarion call for Bigfoot hunters to start emailing me about government coverups and the like. I have already stated that I don't believe Bigfoot lives in the woods. I firmly believe the the Roger Patterson footage was faked. John Campbell, who did the makeup for Plant Of The Apes, supposedly made the costume. I am more inclined to believe this than Chewy hanging out in Arcata's many lush backyards. But my beliefs don't keep me from looking at all the info available.

Contemplate this on the Tree Of Woe.


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