Monday, August 26, 2002

Who's the wrongerer?

Opie and Anthony may be immature, but did they really need to get fired over that little stint? I used to be a Catholic, so it's a little sacreligious boning in a church, I understand this. But why would a government agency bend to the will of a religious organisation? And not only that, but a bunch of pedophiles? I mean, the church can't exactly take the moral high ground on much of anything these days. They have made a mockery of one of the strongest religious sects in the world. And Opie and Anthony didn't exactly make them screw, they simply suggested that. I really feel for all the poor folks at WNEW who lost their jobs as a result. And now the Wlid 94.9 Doghouse is literally in the doghouse! Now, they may be the shittiest morning show in existence, I think they are, but kicking them off the air just adds to the controversy. As a result, you make them more popular. Now they can be seen as outlaw radio types. "Ooooh! Lookit me! I'm like Howard!" No, you're not. Howie has had his weak-ass radio show on for much longer than you, and look where he is now. Richer, but even more peurile than 15 years ago, when I first heard him and didn't think he was funny.

Just give these guys their jobs back and stop cowering from a religous organization whom God has abandoned already.

Or, whatever.


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