Friday, August 09, 2002

Sometimes a website just jumps out and bites you like a feral pig. It sings it's siren song and leads you into it's gaping maw. When you've passed the point of no return, you scarcely notice. You snuggle up to it's well-endowed bosom and suckle like a cub, not realizing that the efluvia you're ingesting is poison, damnit, poison! This site is like that, only funnier. It's not really that funny to laugh at the hardships of others. These people are mostly displaced by no fault of their own. They have been rejected by society, and must subsist on the hand outs and discarded waste of others. They sleep in the rain, have medical problems that go untreated for years, and are sometimes kidnapped by clandestine government organizations for use in weird psychological experiments(or just thrown through time rifts produced in Montauk(WTF?!)). But still, that is one funny site!

If you want to see an even more ridiculous site, these guys actually used their PTO to sleep on the streets and get a first person perspective of being homeless. The first and last question to ask these guys is, "Are you on glue?" By the way, it was hot as shit here in the fertile Valley Of The Silicon. 95 degrees, what is this, May or something?(local joke)


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