Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Poetic Injustice

This is so wrong! How can God frown on you in your final moment like that? This just goes to galvanise my presumption that The Big Guy doesn't exist at all. I mean, come on, the Almighty watches as you disappear into the distance,waits until that perfect moment, grabs the handlebars,twists, and crows, "Face! Scrub!" What a jerk! And it's not like you can chew him out or anything, considering you're dead, and you really want to move into his neighborhood. Sometimes omnipotence seems so fascist. That's it! God is like fucking Hitler! Jerk!

P.S. None of this is going to make sense until you read the article. Even then, it's still just imbecilic raving(see? I'm balancing out the rants!) with little coherent content. Fo' shizzie, my nizzie! Word...


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