Tuesday, August 06, 2002

I unfortunately had to go through the mind-numbing exercise of rewriting my resume last night. I learned a very important lesson: just keep the goddamn thing on your computer. Saving important documents like this to online data servers like x-drive.com just gives you a false sense of security. I stupidly thought this was an excellent way of keeping my precious papers safe, only to find that they had cancelled my account without even consulting me. These heartless bastards have no idea how much time and energy went into my poorly designed resume. My backup online storage facility was idrive.com and, you guessed it, they went out of business. I felt like I was cursed. On the brighter side, the job I spent all this time getting my resume ready for is in the bag. I'm moving on from the sun-dappled streets to the dark confines of my company's NOC. Goodbye, sunshine. It was nice knowing you.


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