Monday, August 12, 2002

I seriously believe that my head is going to explode. Instead of cramming for my NOC interview tomorrow, I got caught up with enjoying my weekend(selfish pig that I am) and now I have put some real panic into the cram. One of the things I have to bone up on that I have no working knowledge of is ATMs. No, not the money machines. Want a little taste? Dig in...

"First, are nodal-level controls that operate in real time. These are implemented in hardware and include queues supporting different loss and delay priorities, fairly weighted queue-servicing algorithms, and rate controls that provide policing and traffic shaping. Well-designed switch-buffer architectures and capacity are critical to effective network operation. Actual network experience and simulation has indicated that large, dynamically allocated output buffers provide the flexibility to offer the best price performance for supporting various traffic types with guaranteed QoS. Dynamically managing buffer space means that all shared buffer space is flexibly allocated to VCs on an as-needed basis. Additionally, per virtual connection (VC) queuing enables traffic shaping, and early and partial packet-level discard have been shown to improve network performance significantly."

Kill me, please. Tomorrow I have to go to this interview and act like I understand what that means. The good thing is, I'll probably get throuh it without much of a problem. The bad thing is, I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight because of all the reading I have to do.


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