Saturday, April 06, 2002

I went bowling last night and thought I would have a good time. Think again! Not only is this one of the most boring sports of all time(topped only by Curling and Weightlifting), but I found out that I'm no good at it. I guess this would seem to be a little egotistical on my part, but seeing myself get my ass kicked by the children in the next lane did little to help my self-esteem. What is the trick to rolling a ball down a wooden lane towards some pins? Is there some telekinetic power that professional bowlers have that I do not? Also, drinking and bowling don't mix. Trust me on this. I got a strike on my first frame and managed to get only 26 points after that. The only good point was I got a new pair of shoes out of the whole deal. Yeah, they are loud and advertise my shoe size to all who walk behind me, but for six dollars, what a bargain! I also played with about seven other people, so it was easily possible to have a smoke break inbetween frames. This didn't help the ensuing hangover much.